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We practice exclusively within the areas of personal injury law.

With over 50,000 accidents a year in Nevada, be prepared!

Falling can be one of the most common issues leading to serious injuries.

Get the protection and care that you need to recover from a trucking related accident

Being hurt in a Hotel or Casino that could have been avoided is unacceptable.

If you are in a motorcycle accident and need a lawyer, call us now for help.

Being hit by a falling object can be a scary thing to happen, we can help

About Paternoster Law Group

Paternoster Law Group is a law firm founded in Nevada by long time lawyer Glenn A. Paternoster. He has years of experience representing injured parties from all over the country. Applying hard work, persistence, compassion and one on one attention to each client, the firm has successfully recovered millions of dollars for clients. Recoveries include cases worth a several thousand dollars for minor injuries up to millions of dollars for life altering injuries. Paternoster Law makes every effort to be the best personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas

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Anyone can run a television commercial or rent a billboard, these actions do not qualify you as a competent injury law firm.  You need to know the amount of experience of an injury firm, the percentage of cases a law firm settles without filing a lawsuit and the reputation the firm maintains in the legal community with both small and large cases.  With many years of experience and over $100,000,000 in both verdicts & settlements, we have the proven experience your case needs for the best possible outcome. 

Short answer, you don’t know until you discuss the details of your potential claim with a an experienced personal injury law firm, call us today for a free evaluation of your unique situation.

Seeking medical attention if you are injured should always be your first priority and should occur quickly after an accident.  It’s important to be honest with your health care providers regarding prior medical conditions that may involve the same or similar body parts injured in an accident.   Contacting the police and/or making an incident report is always a good step. When possible, obtain the names, addresses and phone numbers of any and all witnesses to the accident.  Avoid giving recorded statements to insurance company representatives before getting advice from a qualified lawyer. Then give us a call to see if we can help you with your case.

This can be difficult to determine at the beginning of your case and will likely change over time. Personal injury cases need to be thoroughly investigated as early as possible to locate the parties that may bear responsibility for the accident and your losses. In a nutshell, many considerations like the amount of insurance coverage applicable to the accident, gravity of conduct, the amount of lost wages, and the nature and severity of injuries will be important factors that influence the value of your case.  Catastrophic injuries are obviously worth the most as compared to less serious injuries.

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