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Why Trucking Accidents Differ From Typical Car Wrecks

Many people do not know, including many lawyers, that the laws regulating commercial vehicles are very different and more stringent than those governing typical automobiles. While regulations differ depending on the size and type of commercial motor vehicle (CMV), these laws (known as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations) apply to all CMV’s operated by a “motor carrier,” not just big rigs. These additional regulations include safety requirements above and beyond the knowledge or training of a typical licensed driver. When these regulations are not followed, they may give rise to liability and possibly punitive liability for the trucker and his or her employer.

These regulations include requirements for an employer to check driver history, criminal conduct, road testing, safety training, commercial licensing, drug testing, commercial vehicle maintenance and inspection, driver logbooks, and other safety protocol to verify drivers do not become fatigued to name just a few.


Handling these types of accident claims requires skill and expertise. Because this area of injury law is unique, we investigate each case thoroughly and typically hire the best trucking and safety consultants in the country to testify as expert witnesses.  The experts will eventually explain to a jury what these regulations mean, why they exist and must be followed, and how failure to comply with these safety rules caused an accident and client’s injury.

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