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Motorcycle riders generally suffer significantly worse injuries than car accident victims. They do not have a car surrounding them, no seat belt, and are smaller and less visible to other motorists. Due to their size, they may end up in the blind spot of another vehicle or get hit by an inattentive driver that makes a quick lane change. Victims injured on their motorcycles are often mistakenly blamed for causing a crash simply because they were driving a motorcycle rather than a car. At Paternoster Law Group, we find this bias against motorcycle riders offensive. It is not a valid defense yet we see insurance companies and lawyers appeal to this bias at trial. We have a history of fighting for motorcyclists to ensure they receive the fair treatment and compensation they are entitled to, just like the rest of the motoring public. In fact, one of our biggest cases involved a motorcyclist injured by a fast food delivery driver. In that case, our client was speeding approximately 10-20 mph over the speed limit. The defendant was traveling on the same road in the opposite direction. The defendant turned left at an uncontrolled intersection across the path of our client, causing his motorcycle to T-bone the defendant’s car between 45-65 mph. Our client was nearly killed, spending 2-3 months in a critical care unit. The defendant’s insurance company denied the claim and instead hired a team of experts to argue that the driver could not see the oncoming motorcyclist before the collision because it was speeding and difficult to see. At the time of the wreck, the defendant was delivering food for a national food chain that prides itself on a culture of speed including speedy delivery. During the first week of trial, the Defendants paid an undisclosed settlement amount to avoid what could have been one of the largest verdicts in Nevada history.  Not only did we get justice for our client, but the world is a bit safer for other motorists now too, as the defendant fast food chain has noticeably changed its marketing strategy and de-emphasized the culture of speed and claims of extremely fast delivery it once prided itself on.


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