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Unfortunately, innocent people can be hurt or even killed due to criminal behavior of others when business owners do not provide adequate security on their property. To understand your rights and determine your chances of recovering for a negligent security claim, you must talk to a highly qualified and experienced lawyer. Our firm will examine a variety of factors including whether the crime was foreseeable, whether the business owed a duty and breached that duty to a victim. We will determine whether the defendant should have known this incident could occur at their place of business and what they should have done to avoid it. Our firm will investigate these issues and more by obtaining evidence via testimony, documents, photographs, premises investigation and audio/video recordings when possible. We will look at the type, and location of defendant’s property, and criminal history in the surrounding area. These cases can require security or safety experts to review the evidence, assist with the investigation, and then render expert opinions as to why a defendant’s property was unsafe and why defendant should be held accountable for injuries and other losses suffered by a plaintiff.  Some examples of these types of cases include attacks at casinos and bars. They include physical assaults, armed and unarmed robberies, and sexual assaults that occur on a commercial premise. In one case, we represented a woman who was verbally and physically assaulted by another customer in a local tavern that serves food, drinks and provides gaming. The investigation revealed that the perpetrator was escorted out of the tavern multiple times after verbally abusing other customers but continued to gain re-entry. That customer eventually attacked our client who ended up with a traumatic brain injury. Defendant security took over 2 hours to respond to the assault. We reached a confidential settlement with the owner of the business due to negligent security of the tavern. If you or someone you care about has been injured due to negligent security, please call us to set up an appointment, free of charge, to discuss your rights.


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