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Many injury victims are entitled to compensation when injured due to a dangerous condition. It may happen in your own apartment or rental home, another’s home, or a place of business, etc. Because landowner liability cases can be more complex, require more work skill and money to handle than most firms can risk, many law firms do not accept these cases, or accept them and choose to settle with insurance companies for pennies on the dollar. If you have been injured, please contact us. We have handled hundreds of these cases and recovered millions of dollars for victims. We understand how to investigate these claims, retain the right expert witnesses, preserve important evidence and have the trial skills necessary to maximize your recovery.


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 Landowners may also be liable for conditions they were not actually aware of but should have known about and failed to discover the condition before someone was injured, this is called “constructive notice”. This happens in situations where liquid, substances are left on the floor, or where tripping hazards exist in places where a landowner expects others to be walking. Examples include, water on the floor too long, improperly maintained landscaping, poor lighting, slippery floors, broken stairs, holes in the floor, improper height spacing in walking areas, and inadequate warnings to customers regarding these dangers. 


The central issue in slip/trip and fall cases, as well as all premises liability cases, is notice of a dangerous condition. Our firm will make every effort to find out who knew what and when about a dangerous condition by questioning employees. If employees have been told or were otherwise aware that a dangerous condition exists and should be fixed, the company has “actual notice” and will be liable for injuries caused by the dangerous condition. A classic example would be a guest at a buffet telling a waiter “someone spilled butter over by the salad bar” but then no employees clean up the dangerous condition, eventually this causes a different guest to fall and get injured

In one case handled by our firm, our client was seriously injured because she slipped and fell in water while shopping inside a mall during a rainstorm. After many depositions and obtaining many documents from defendants, it became very clear that they were aware that the roof would typically leak when it rained. The company ignored repeated warnings from employees to repair the roof properly, instead choosing to save money by hiring inexperienced, unqualified workers to patch areas believed to be the source of the leaks. After this testimony was obtained, defendants agreed to pay millions of dollars (an undisclosed amount) to settle the claim to avoid the possibility of a punitive damage award.  We believe this case was the largest settlement ever recovered in a slip and fall case at that time, without the risk of a jury trial.


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