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Many injury victims are entitled to compensation when injured due to a dangerous condition. It may happen in your own apartment or rental home, another’s home, or a place of business, etc. Because landowner liability cases can be more complex, require more work, skill and money to handle than most firms can risk, many law firms do not accept these cases, or accept them and choose to settle with insurance companies for pennies on the dollar. If you have been injured, please contact us, we have handled hundreds of these cases recovered millions of dollars for victims. We understand how to investigate these claims, retain the right expert witnesses, preserve important evidence and have the trial skills necessary to maximize your recovery. A landowner must exercise reasonable care not to subject others to an unreasonable risk of harm. 

Inadequate Protection in Swimming Areas

This means that property owners must keep the property safe. They must inspect their premises for dangerous conditions that are not obvious. If they do not, and someone is injured they may be responsible for not only the injuries that they caused, but all harms and losses that result. We can prove a landowner did not act with “reasonable care” in a variety of ways, for instance, by obtaining admissions during depositions from various employees that the company had inadequate safety rules to protect others, or their employees failed to follow company safety rules that were in force at the time of the incident.


Our firm will investigate why the accident occurred, whether adequate safety measures were taken and what if anything the Defendant did to prevent the accident from occurring.  We’ll look at issues like fencing and security measures, emergency first aid, the number of lifeguards needed and their training, and the quality and quantity of pool maintenance leading up to the accident. 



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