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Truck Accident Attorney

What makes a truck accident attorney special? Are they not the same as a car accident attorney? To simply answer, no. A truck accident attorney and a car accident attorney are different attorneys. Although some truck accident attorneys have the capability to handle a car accident case, it is unlikely for an auto wreck attorney to hand a truck accident case. 


That is because truck accidents are a lot more complicated and complex compared to an auto accident. Meaning there are a lot more regulations and policies to understand when it comes to a truck accident case. There are three main reasons why it is more complex:


  1. The outcome of the injuries is more serious in truck accidents compared to car accidents.

Injuries tend to be more serious in truck accidents than auto accidents, which is because of the size difference between the vehicles. Trucks are commonly known as a tractor-trailer or semi-truck, which weigh significantly more than a normal car, which is less than 5,000 pounds. A truck that is fully loaded can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, creating a stronger force to the other vehicle, there is a high chance of serious injury and damage to the passenger and the car. 


With the force of the truck, passengers have a bigger risk of being physically injured, as well as, have the possibility of having a stronger emotional trauma to the accident. With the higher chance of injuries and damages that can occur, most trucking companies and their drivers have strong insurances that will fight back hard in the case. 


  1. Insurance companies fight a lot harder since truck drivers and their companies have higher risks in an accident.

Bigger risks of injuries and damages mean tougher insurance for the trucking companies and their drivers. Truck drivers have an understanding that receiving multiple citations, tickets, or have been in many accidents can lead to a loss of employment. Most of the time, the trucking company and its drivers attempt to reduce their responsibility in the accident. Further leading to insurance companies hoping to circumvent paying out high settlements. 


With tough insurance companies fighting back, it is recommended to hire a truck accident attorney. For example, commercial drivers are required to have a minimum of $750,000 in liability insurance, information a knowledgeable truck accident attorney would know, unlike an auto wreck attorney. Furthermore, a skilled truck accident attorney has the knowledge to locate data and other truck accident evidence that may determine whether they win or lose a case.


  1. Truck companies and their drivers are governed through federal law, state commercial driving regulations, and other standards of the companies that do not refer to vehicles besides a truck.

Truck drivers and their companies have to follow the state traffic laws but also with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). It is a lot more regulations to follow that are complicated and confusing. It is important that a skillful truck accident attorney knows and understands these laws. Although it is important that the attorney knows these laws, it is crucial they know how the court will interpret the laws. Having this knowledge will allow them to set up the case for either litigation or a settlement properly. 


Truck drivers are required in all 50 states to have special licenses for commercial truck driving, as well as, being tested to earn a permit to drive a large truck. Furthermore, trucking companies will teach their drivers with industry-wide procedures that are mandatory like the Smith System. Hiring a skilled truck accident attorney will be able to have knowledge of state licensing requirements and procedures. This will allow the attorney to evaluate the trucking company and their drivers to seek any evidence proving misconduct that can be hard to find, where an auto accident attorney would not know how or where to search.


If you are ever involved in a truck accident you want to have the best truck accident attorney to handle your case. Paternoster Law has been in service for over 25 years, giving full attention to every case and assisting you throughout the procedure. If you have been injured or have any questions visit Paternoster Law or call at (702) 654 – 1111.

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