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  • $15 million – Electrical burn injuries for three men injured while working. (settled during trial)
  • $13 million – Two women injured in an automobile collision, one who underwent multiple back surgeries, the other recommended for lumbar surgery. (verdict)
  • $9 million – For a speeding motorcyclist. (settled during trial)
  • $7 million – Burn injuries and wrongful death claims for apartment fire. (policy limits)
  • $5 million – Cervical fusion caused by low-impact automobile collision. (verdict)
  • $4.5 million – Slip and fall in water while shopping causing back surgeries. (settlement)
  • $3.65 million – For car wreck at road construction site causing back surgery and mild traumatic brain injury. (Settlement months before trial)
  • $3.5 million – For injuries caused by taxi cab driver.
    (Highest offer received by our client before the award was only $500)
  • $3.3 million – Intoxicated man falls down the stairs of a condominium he rented. (policy limits)
  • $3.1 million – For a car crash causing back surgery and mild traumatic brain injury. (Settlement)
  • $2.5 Million – For a slip and fall in water on carpeted flooring in an apartment unit (Settlement)
  • $2 million – For bad faith insurance denial for a claim made on a disability policy. (Settlement)
  • $1.03 million – Due to a car accident aggravating pre-existing neck fusion. (Arbitration Award)
  • $1.2 million – Lumbar fusion caused by car accident.
  • $1.1 million – For a man with traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder and only $38,000 in past medical bills. He chose to switch to our law firm because his prior attorney attempted to pressure the client to settle for $50,000 .(Settlement)
  • $1 million – Lumbar fusion caused by automobile collision. (policy limits)
  • $1 million – A previously 100 % disabled man slipped in a hotel.
  • $800,000 – Worker that hit his head on a door jamb while operating a scissor lift.
  • $830,000 – Minimart customer tripped on a floor mat causing lumbar fusion.
  • $795,000 – Lumbar fusion caused by slip and fall in water.
  • $750,000 – Lumbar fusion caused by automobile collision. (policy limits)
  • $750,000 – Cervical fusion caused by slip and fall in water.
  • $600,000 – Woman injured by falling clothing display while shopping.
  • $500,000 – For mild traumatic brain injury with $42,000 in medical bills and no lost wages. (settlement)

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